We Are Now A CMMI Appraised Maturity Level 3 Organization.

Pune, India, Mar 2022.

mPHATEK Systems Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to share that we have received the highest form of third-party validation from the ISACA’s CMMI Institute. The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process and behavioural model that helps organizations streamline process improvement and encourage productive, efficient behaviours that decrease risks in software, product, and service development.

A CMMI Appraisal helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s processes and to examine how closely the processes relate to CMMI best practices. It provides reliable, clear, consistent, and actionable focus on performance improvements that will have the most impact on the business and help build and improve capability. The appraisal allows organizations to identify and prioritize business improvement efforts. Earning a benchmark maturity level or a capability level achievement can prove a depth of quality and professionalism to customers and business partners!

We proudly announce that the CMMI Institute has appraised us at a CMMI Maturity Level 3. At this stage, organizations are more proactive than reactive. There’s a set of “organization-wide standards” to “provide guidance across projects, programs and portfolios.” Businesses understand their shortcomings, how to address them and what the goal is for improvement.

The CMMI Maturity Level 3 is titled as ‘Defined’ which means that:

  • mPHATEK Systems demonstrates, that as an organization we apply systematic, disciplined, and quantifiable approaches, which enable result-oriented outcomes for our clients. The systems and the processes we follow at mPHATEK enable us to measure progress of the organization.

  • mPHATEK Systems as an organization has the capabilities to continuously enhance its processes through innovative methods and technological improvements to deliver superior outcomes and business performance.

  • The processes at mPHATEK Systems enable our technology professionals to provide cutting-edge IT Solutions to Enterprises worldwide. We have enhanced our operational performance meeting the market expectations. We empower our clients to utilize available resources and manage their operations effectively by improving efficiency, securing information and being regulatory compliance. The standard processes are used to establish consistency across the organization.

You can view or download the appraisal certificate certificates here.