mPHATEK launches “PIPAL”, a Secure Video Conferencing Solution

Pune, India, April 2020

mPHATEK Systems announces the launch of its 100% Secure Video Conferencing tool. The platform called “PIPAL”, is an innovative way to help Improve on your Meetings, Connect & Engage with your Employees, Colleagues and Customers easily and quickly.

PIPAL” allows to conduct Video and Audio calls with multiple participants. It comes with Multi-Device support making it easier for users to access from any device like desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Enjoy the freedom of switching from one meeting to the other simultaneously, by creating multiple rooms at a time.

Easy-to-Use Interface allows your online meetings to run seamlessly, all conversation happens here remains 100% encrypted, enabling you to share important information within your team without any second thoughts. Gives you the option of switching the meetings by allowing you to create multiple rooms at a time.

Click Here! to enjoy meetings at the comfort of your own home with our most secured conferencing platform.

About mPHATEK:

mPHATEK is one of the key strategic partners to various Governments and Defence agencies, leading Banking, Financial, Insurance and Retail Institutions providing cutting edge Solutions and Consulting

around Digital Transformation, AI, IoT, Big data, RPA along with conventional IT services.

mPHATEK is a Microsoft’s Silver Application Development Partners, and are the niche providers of Software Solutions & Services with expertise in Cloud Consulting, Data Fusion Analytics, Complex Software Integrations, Cyber Security, Block Chain, Big Data & Internet of Things (IoT).

We strive to help our Customers by leveraging our well-managed IT services that leaves Customers to focus on nothing but their Core Business.