Blockchain Consulting
Blockchain has emerged as one of the leading technology trends in the industry

There are numerous benefits that Blockchain presents to various businesses in different industries, through its distributed and decentralized nature


mPHATEK offers a broad portfolio of solutions, services, and requisite domain expertise in leading blockchain platforms. Our cross-functional and global team of professionals offers a deep and diverse experience of the industry.

Involving mPHATEK should accelerate time to benefit with reduced risk.

Areas in which mPHATEK typically engages include:

  • Articulate blockchain strategy and roadmap
  • Validate and develop relevant use case details
  • Accelerators for blockchain architecture framework and checklists
  • Conduct PoCs and pilots on a simple, ready-to-use platform
  • Leverage partnerships and hands-on experience with market platforms
  • Implement projects with enterprise integration