mPHATEK delivers a robust solution for transportation and event management enterprise enabling to connect, collect, analyze, report real time business events:

About the Customer

  • Customer is an Africa based, one the biggest player in providing Logistics, Transportation & Event management solutions.
  • Customers solution currently being consumed by 12 major transportation companies in East Africa.
  • It provides automated solution to manage
  • - Major sports league in Rwanda such as East African Cup, ARPL, etc.
    - Events like concert, conferences and meetings.

Customer Journey towards Digital Transformation The customer for their Transportation and Event Management operation had procured and deployed IoT devices which could read various smart devices like Wrist Band, NFC Card, chip card, RFID Sensors, and these devices could be linked to customers digital wallet.

Customer operations Before Implementing IoT Devices:

  • The customer was earlier issuing Paper based tickets to its customers.
  • There was no Centralized Ticketing System.
  • The tickets were getting booked manually using POS machines at the booking counters.

Customer operations Post Implementation:

  • The customer then implemented IoT based automated tool which could read RFID based wrist bands, smart cards to book the ticket.
  • The customers do not have to stand in queue to book the tickets. They can just tap and pay for the tickets using RFID wrist bands and Smart cards, which is linked with the passengers E-Wallet.
  • The IoT tool is using GPS to trace a passenger’s location from starting to end journey.

Customer Challenges:
Client, was seeking a technology partner for their
operations who could help them:

  • Design an integrated digital solution
  • A state of art solution to create ticketing system
  • Generate reports on real-time scenario
  • Utilize the smart devices such as RFID wristband, NFC cards, chip cards and Portable GPS devices in their solution
  • Aiming to reduce human effort
  • To be competitive in the market

Our Solution:
Our team worked with the customer in designing an IOT solution which acts as a one stop portal for all their customer needs. Using various smart devices like customizable Wrist Band, NFC card, chip cards, RFID Sensors, Portable GPS devices along with android application. It helps users to directly communicate with central ticketing system (Transport and Events) seamlessly in real time and act as an end-to-end paperless ticketing system. Few highlights of the solution are as below: Interactive ticketing solution to purchase ticket for any company for desired travel or for any events through RFID band/NFC Cards/chip cards and e-Wallets. RFID sensors devices communicate with central ticketing solutions. Portable GPS devices for live location tracking. Smart ticket generation based on location of onboarding and de-boarding. E-wallet transaction enabled

Benefits to the customer:

  • Reduction in human efforts by 50%​
  • Paper usage reduced to 90%. ​
  • Operation cost reduced by 60% ​
  • Ticket processing time reduced from 2 mins to less than 10 secs. ​
  • Significant reduction in revenue leakage due to the cashless ticketing. ​
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Convenient online ticketing using Aggregator App with TripAdvisor like functionality

Technology we used