AI and Machine Learning based OCR Solution

About the Customer
Customer is an Insurance and Financial services giant having their operations pan India.

Customer Challenges:
Our customer deals with huge volume of unstructured documents on daily basis. As part of the business process different data points from these unstructured data needs to be fed into system daily and once it is in the system, this data needs to be reviewed and then only it must be approved for further processing. It was quite a cumbersome process being manually key-in the data and verifying the entered data before it could be made available for next action.

The challenge in-front of our client was not only to extract the different data points with speed and accuracy but also it has multiple paper based unstructured set of documents from which all these data needs to be extracted.

Our Solution:
Our team helped the customer implement an AI and ML based OCR Solution which helped them replace the manual data entry process to capture the specific data elements directly from the scanned image. The solution is hosted on the cloud ergo reducing the Infrastructure cost.
Few highlights of the solution are as below:

  • AI based document extraction engine – Model based approach instead of templates
  • API based architecture to facilitate seamless integration with external systems.
  • Ability to configure business rules for data transformation and data validation
  • Easy integration with client applications
  • luent UI to get the AI training and review done
  • User interface to train the system for set of documents.
  • Application architecture is extensible and can support an evolving system
  • Highly configurable and scalable architecture

Benefits to the customer:
Reduced the manual
effort by more than 60%.
The number of transactions
processed automatically went
up by a huge 70%.
The processing time was
reduced from days to