Banking Technology Transformation

About the Customer
Customer is one of the Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups. They went into merger and de-merger phase during 2007 – 2018.

They have a few vendor licensed systems which runs on MSSQL databases, also have an internally developed systems which has MSSQL databases.

This results in paying heavy license cost of MSSQL server every year.

The customer was looking for a technology partner to design a migration strategy from MSSQL database to a cheaper option. Cost of MSSQL license ranges in few million ZARS

Customer Challenges:
Customer was looking for a partner to lower their operational cost. The client during their merger had moved their operational applications on MSSQL Database.
Post migration to MSSQL, customer team realized that the cost implications were very high for managing MSSQL Database.

The customer wanted the technology partner to study their current infra and suggest an alternate database option which could run as smooth as their current setup and also help them save costs.

They were looking for Partners who can help them design a strategy to migrate the 33 applications currently running on MSSQL. Most of the instances are configured on physical server instead of VM’s Certain applications are consuming more SQL core resulting huge licensing costs.

Our Solution:
Our team worked with the customer in understanding their pain areas and based on the preliminary exercise, we identified a solution for which the customer too agreed.

Our team started with a quick Proof of Concept with this exercise.
mPHATEK Team suggested PostgreSQL database which has a lower cost as compared to MSSQL and also the migration process of the applications will be smooth.

Migration Lifecycle Stages:
The Database migration involved the below 3 stages:

Benefits to the customer:
Huge saving in the cost incurred
due MSSQL licenses every year.
Tool based approach ensured
accelerated migration to
Fixed cost project executed from
offshore without any issues.
Our team is also helping the
customer in building a Data
warehousing and Data Analytics