Product Lifecycle Services
Building Custom Solution For Your Business

A successful Digital journey of an enterprise is dependent on the modernized business applications. The industries that have come a long way in their businesses either with their own IT products or their wish to have an IT product that enables their business to run faster and smoother with minimal human intervention.

For a custom application design, it is very important to understand ones business and the applicability of the product.

We @mPHATEK follow the below product lifecycle, while designing a business application for our customer.

Problem Statement
The 1st stage starts with understanding the customer journey and their detailed problem statement. Once we have an clear understanding, it becomes simpler to design a idea for the application.

Consulting Services suggesting the best possible High Level Solution that translates into a business plan to develop and implement an IT product.

Architectural Consulting
Services that define the Technology Roadmap of the desired Product. This consulting exercise also helps customers to understand their current IT Landscape and define the To-Be Technology Road Map.

Definition Phase
Services deriving Business Requirements, Specifications and Functional Requirements in an Agile fashion.

Architecting Phase
Services defining the Architecture Road Map, defining the Technology Stack and High-Level Product Design. Applying the design thinking approach.

Manage the entire Development Lifecycle of the Product.

Implementation and Deployment
Services accepting the complete ownership of Implementation and Deployment of the Product at various locations. The Service also includes the Cloud Deployment of Product.

Support, Maintenance and Enhancements
Service includes a Comprehensive AMC Agreement to manage the Product Efficiently using Cost Effective Dual Shore Model.

Some of our services in Conventional IT services include

Bespoke Development
Custom Development
Application Development
Product Implementation
Application Modernization