Banking and Financial Services

Customers today consider the below 3 factors before choosing their below 3 factors before choosing their banking Partner

Digital Readiness
24 X 7 Support
mPHATEK ensures an
optimum user experience for
your customers which helps in
making you the preferred
choice in today’s Competitive
Digital Scenario.

mPHATEK provides its services in the
below stages of Banking Operations

Onboarding ( OCR / ICR )
Lending ( Mobile Number and ID Validator)
Payments (Cash Management)
Non Banking which includes
Micro Finances
Asset Management
Creating Smart
Data Warehouse
and BI Solution for
decision making

In the banking and cash management business, where there are cash centers distributed across the city, it is very important to design a BI strategy to get near real-time updates of cash inflows and outflows.

An aged, silos data architecture will create chaos, and also increase load on the network.

A proper BI dashboard, helps the management to get a clearer picture of the operation. It helps the companies to make their distribution system more responsive, It also helps them to take a informed decision.

We help companies design a proper Date warehousing and BI strategy as per their business objectives which help them to take an informed decisions.

Consulting and

In this digital journey, where banks are looking for more and more customers, they are identifying innovative ways to keep a track of their prospect journey. Implementing a CRM strategy such as Salesforce will help to keep a regular tab on your customers onboarding journey, right from 1st contact to opening up an account.

It also helps to keep a tab on your customers complains and your TAT to tackle the issue to win repeat business.

We help you build a custom CRM strategy using Salesforce CRM with input from sales, marketing, and customer service to help you grow your sales and improve customer service

Mobile Number and
ID Validation to
ensure reachability
and focus on
real users

In this 21st century, where people have become more tech savvy, Digital Frauds have also increased. In order to tackle these, Banking and Financial Enterprises have been struggling to find ways to ensure KYC and reduce threat for Banking Frauds.

mPHATEK has come up with a Phone Number and ID Validation tool, which helps you Know the details behind every phone number, can help Identify the type of number(Mobile or Landline) along with Carrier details and registration location. It can also, helps you Verify PAN Card and Voter Card details for
ID verification.

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