Our Products

Enterprises today are looking for Off-the shelf product for their operations, which can easily be deployed in their current Infra setup and start performing from Day1. mPHATEK along with couple of his its Partners has developed a bucket of products which can be used by various Banking, Financial and Retail Enterprises globally.


Engage, strengthen, and amplify your revenue and relationships with Pipal CRM

Pipal CRM ensures, your organization’s enhanced productivity by offering rich and user-friendly features which enables you to seamlessly manage your Sales, Marketing and Customer Support Functions. It enables you to capture leads from multiple channels, gives you the 360-degree view of your customer journey and end to end tracking of your lead generation activities from contact to closure. A customizable CRM solution for growing businesses and enterprises, this all-in-one powerful automation platform for sales and marketing processes can be easily integrated with external systems and lines of business applications. ... Provides smart insights and analytics dashboards for entire process and engagements. Platform covers Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Contact Management, Collaboration, Workflows, Complaint Management, Campaign Management, alerts & notification many more attractive features to help and improve your sales, marketing, and customer service cycles, streamline, track, and grow your sales pipeline effectively.


Enjoy Secured Communication within your office or with your customers without worrying about your Data Leak or Privacy Breach.

Data Security is the biggest concern today for most Enterprises Globally. Idea, design and important information leaks are few of the such challenges. mPHATEKs Dosto Messenger a user friendly platform designed for private communication within an organization.... The data remains 100% secure by giving you a complete control of your app and data. You can easily pass on important information using the Dosto (Howzit!) app. You can do it all—message or call (audio and video both) anyone in the team and increase the efficiency of the team as well. It is a easy to use application which is designed for all the mobile platforms such as iOS , Android etc.


Easily Identify Root Causes in your customer interactions and take necessary actions accordingly.

Customers today, chose a variety of mediums to communicate with their Banks and Other Service Providers. Whether it is a customer support desk or any company call centre, they Use emails, Social Platforms etc. However the most preferred way is speaking directly over the phone. ... If the conversation is long it becomes difficult to capture all the necessary information discussed during the conversation. To Tackle the above challenge, mPHATEK has come up with a AI/ML based tool “CANARY”, which not only does the seamless Voice to Text Conversion, but also provides you with analytics through which you can derive actionable insights for better decisions making and customer delight. It supports multiple formats ranging from .mp3 file to flac and wmv file It can even be integrated with your Salesforce, CRMs and dialler systems.


Analyse Live Stream of Enterprise Data and Build Custom Dashboards for your Operations KPI.

Enterprises today, collect a huge chunk of Data in their systems and few of the enterprises have a high end Data Analytics Solution in place. However the system requirement is very High. Some consume most of your RAM Space leading to your computer functioning slower which reduces productivity.... mPHATEK has designed a Visual Analytics Solution to provide Data Analytics in real time of your enterprise data which is capable to run on a very low end system. You can build Customized Dashboards according to your Business KPIs and it can even provide visualization using Geospatial rendering.

We keep your Application Secure

Encourages the testers to recognize the security vulnerabilities and make preventive strides likewise. Our app enable you to combine multiple analysis techniques to comprehensively test any application, service, or container.The scanning part successfully prevents vulnerabilities in software before you launch, then quickly identify vulnerabilities once in production, so that you have stronger source code and can make applications much more secure to inside and outside threats.Reporting solutions at various levels such individual user , per team , per application , per scan basis. Also enables users to download and search report.

We have joined forces to defend applications from attack, with a comprehensive application security portfolio, to slash fraud and abuse, prevents reputational damage, and eliminate business disruptions. Our Application security testing will reveal weaknesses at the application level, helping to prevent these attacks.Detect and manage open source and third-party component risks in development and production.

Identifying every detail that could be abused or find attack surfaces in the application. Insight of the application can be used to find critical vulnerabilities.Identifying the vulnerabilities in the application. Prioritizing high-risk vulnerabilities and providing a strategic plan to fix them.

Deploy Business applications remotely.

Enterprises today, have to install many applications for their smooth operations. They have an dedicated IT team which helps is in the application and updates deployment in each and every system of the organization. Imaging a company having more that 10,000 employees globally and to deploy a solution in each system separately and manually will lead to repetition of task which will lead in productivity loss. mPHATEKs RPA based remote application deployment tool“mDeploy” takes care of the above challenge very easily. Weather it be deployment of application/updates on 1 system or on multiple remote servers. The system is designed to do scheduled deployments and it provides Dashboards and Alerts if there is any challenge in deploying an application to any system so that the IT team can check for the issue and take care of the same.