Partner Products

mPHATEK in Partnership with PERPETUUITI and AXIS have come up with below solutions for various Banking, Financial and Retail Institution.


Ensure Superior Business Continuity, Schedule auto DR Drills, Switch Over, Switch Back and Failover process with this DR Automation tool.

In the Digital Journey of Enterprises, where there is huge flow of data also critical applications for daily operations, it becomes necessary to ensure continuous availability of such applications and security of enterprise data. One cannot afford failure and down-time, as it leads to loss in productivity and in dollar numbers. And one cannot predict such incidence. So it becomes necessary to ensure Disaster Recovery Planning.... mPHATEK and PERPETUUITIs Disaster Recovery Automation Offering ensures seamless Disaster Recovery operations making sure that management and IT team gets the real time visibility of the DR Environment. Ensures business services continuity & availability management, leading to reduction in IT Failure and improvement in RTO/RPO for better decision making.

Easily Extract necessary information such as KYC(Name, Pan Details, Aadhar Info etc.) from your scanned Bank and Insurance customer forms.

Many Banks and Insurance Enterprises are looking for solutions to reduce recurring cost incurred on claims processing, account opening etc. Currently they follow the manual approach for data entry and analysis of claims, which leads to more and more forms piling up on a desk and manually entering the information in the system leads to double work and investing extra hours. mPHATEK in Partnership with AXIS has come up with an AI/ML based document extraction engine which could read and extract necessary information through your Scanned Structured, Semi-structured and Un-Structured type forms. It has the Ability to configure business rules for data transformation and data validation. It can also be easily integrated