HOWZit! (powered by mPHATEK) rebrands itself as Dosto to give it a local flavour.

Pune, India, July 2020.

Re-launched in May, 2020, HOWZit!- A Secure Messaging Application , in a rebranding exercise was renamed to Dosto to give it a local Indian flavour.

Dosto(Formerly HOWZit!) since its re-launch has gained more than 16K downloads. Out of which 10k+ downloads were there within a week.

The app comes with a lot of secure features making it super safe to chat and exchange important information.

In app reviews section most users requested to change the name and give it an Swadeshi flavour.

The current average rating of the app is 4.7 out of 5 on Google Play Store and 4.6 out of 5 on AppStore.

About Dosto (Formerly HOWZit!).

Dosto is a user friendly platform designed for communication with your friends, colleagues and customers.

Data Security is the biggest concern today for everyone Globally. Idea, design, personal and important information leaks are few of the such challenges. Dosto ensures 100% data encryption giving you the freedom of exchanging information without the fear of privacy breach.

You can do It all using Dosto.

  • Stay Connected with your friends, colleagues and customers using Dosto by using free     chat, voice calls and video calls facility.

  • Share voice and video media files.

  • Share Gifs, create groups and enjoy group chats.

  • Share location and much more.

  • Above all, Dosto gives you the option to enable Message Disappearing function. This    function automatically deletes a message after a set time by the sender. Set a time    limit from as low as 5 seconds and high as 1 week and the feature will automatically    delete the message once the receiver has read the message.

Dosto is available for free downloads on Dosto PlayStore and Dosto AppStore. Download today and stay connected!