mPHATEK - Shikhar 2023
Celebration Of The Golden 8 Years Of The Journey Towards Success

Pune, India, March 2023.

From humble beginnings in 2014 to where we are today, our success reflects our passion for technology, commitment to excellence, and unwavering belief in our vision. Cheers to many more years of innovation and growth!

mPHATEK has reached new heights in its commitment to its clients and in the field of technology with its creativity. This success was achieved with 6 people starting from a 2BHK flat and was obtained with more than 500 people at 5 locations around the world.

mPHATEK celebrated its 8 years of golden success. The 'Shikhar 2023' was held on March 24, 2023, at the Hotel Hyatt Regency, in Pune, India.

Amidst their work arrangements, all employees of the company took responsibility and prepared themselves to showcase their skills through various performances.

The journey from 6 to 500+ people in 8 years has had many ups and downs. But with dedication towards their work and fulfilling the commitments made to customers, mPHATEK has overcome every obstacle to achieve their goals.

The CEO of the company, Prasad Sathe, said: "We began this journey with small steps. We never thought we would reach this milestone so quickly. It was not easy, but with the support of our families, today mPHATEK has become a large family of 500+ people."

The CTO of the company, Arvind Bandgar, said: "Due to our commitment to fulfilling promises made to our customers and maintaining a high level of dedication towards our work, we have reached this position in just 8 years."

Encouraging the dedication of employees towards their work, the company, and clients, in Shikhar 2023, they were recognized and rewarded. The happiness of receiving encouragement for their work was visible on everyone's faces. After the program, everyone danced together and enjoyed a delicious dinner, to make it a memorable event.

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