mPHATEK is pleased to announce that it has become a Technology Partner of HUAWEI.

Pune, India, June 2021.

mPHATEK Systems will strengthen its relationship with Huawei as a strategic partner, as well as help gain increased market presence, through this partnership. This will help to deepen the collaboration on technology and practises that mPHATEK has in place. As a result, a long-term synergistic business cooperation with Huawei will be established, in which both parties will benefit from each other's strengths.

As companies prioritise as-a-service providers over traditional suppliers, accelerate digital transformation initiatives, and support the new normal of work, Cloud Computing has become the go-to model for information technology in 2021.

Enterprises nowadays are searching for off-the-shelf products for their operations that can be quickly put in their existing infrastructure and begin functioning from day one.

mPHATEK can make use of HUAWEI CLOUD, Huawei's cloud service brand, to provide abundant, high-quality software and services for customers. It will also allow mPHATEK to demonstrate in-house products via CLOUD.

mPHATEK, in collaboration with a few of its partners, has created a suite of solutions that may be utilised by a variety of Banking, Financial, and Retail Businesses around the world. mPHATEK's in-house products are listed as below:



  • Canary

  • Visual Analytics

  • DR Automation

  • OCR