January 2021

Data Security and Secure

Messaging Application,
need of the hour...

In this Digital Era, where people cannot stay away from their phones, be it for personal or corporate use.

Over the years, India has also grown and emerged as a leader in the mobile application and technology space. With the increase of use of mobile phones, app development has exponentially escalated in the Indian market, as a result, apps are experiencing significant spikes in revenue. India’s rapid technological and economic growth has created an attractive opportunity on which publishers can capitalize.

India has seen rapid growth in mobile app markets over the last 3-5 years, and that growth continues into 2020.

India’s mobile app market continues to top global charts in the number of app downloads and app usage. In recent years, India’s mobile app market has outpaced the US market for the number of app downloads at 71% market growth, compared to the average 15% growth in app downloads worldwide.

The Indian IT industry is set to attain higher goals and surpass more milestones shortly. With app publisher revenue accelerating as fast as the mobile app market itself. India’s expanding markets present several opportunities for app developers and publishers.

The average smartphone owner uses 10 apps per day and 30 apps each month. Indian apps have grown immensely over the years and the usage is higher than the global average, second only to Brazil. Economic changes and the advancements of Digital Banking in India have led to the increase of mobile banking apps, and cultural shifts away from traditional relationships have paved the way for increased use of social media and instant messaging apps.

More and more mobile applications have also given a rise to Cyber Crime and data theft. Cyber Crime cases are growing at a fast pace from time to time.

Your Data is left unsecured and can be hacked by anyone. Hence there is a need for a truly Indian instant messaging app that ensures your chats are secure and your data is guarded at all times.

With Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp announcing its updated privacy policies, it has created a panic among users. The new policies mean that users’ private data, including their phone number, will be shared with Facebook. Due to the update, people have started looking for alternative service where their data is safe and secure.

This is where Dosto messenger comes in, Dosto is a user-friendly instant messaging platform designed for secured communication. Data Security is one of the biggest concerns today for most enterprises globally. Idea, design, and sensitive information leaks are few such challenges. mPHATEK's Dosto Messenger is a user-friendly platform designed for private communication within an organization.

The data remains 100% secure by giving you complete control of your app and data. You can easily pass on important information using the Dosto app. You can do it all—message or call (audio and video both) with anyone in the team, increasing the efficiency. It is an easy-to-use application designed for all mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, etc.

If you're in a position to switch away from WhatsApp, now is the time to do so. Dosto Messenger is a great alternative. Plus, the constant growth and support to Indian publishers will prove vital and necessary for present times and future developments.